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Stories from Syria and Beyond

Shahba Old Town
Shahba Old Town

"Qisetna: Talking Syria", a well-presented collection of stories by Syrians and people closely connected with the country, has received awards from the Community Archives & Heritage Group. It came first in the "Most Innovative" category and is also the overall "CAHG Group of the Year". "Talking Syria" has much to offer us, including those without personal links to that part of the world.

First-hand accounts by individuals are the stuff of family history. They move us beyond dates and charts to understand more about the real people we are connected to. With the passage of time, most memories fade away, particularly if families move from one language and culture into another. "Qisetna: Talking Syria" provides a platform for a tapestry of accounts of life in Syria and afterwards. They are of immediate interest to the writers and those close to them, but also have lessons for us all.

The presentation of the stories is an inspiration for anyone who wants to conserve and share their own stories and those of their community. Each item is reasonably short and comes with an illustration. There are also opportunities to flag up particular ones on social media.

Food for thought for family history societies about how they could give their members a showcase for short accounts that reaches out to the wider world.


Francis Howcutt
FFHS Archives Liaison

26 July 2017

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